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Value Switch is a Unified e-Voucher Generation platform for wide range of merchant engagement and exchange. The platform has a built-in Voucher Validation and Redemption system that serves as a reward system from merchants to customers, provide promotional sales and discount codes management for retails and businesses.
ValueSwitch aims to provide Voucher Management to Business owners for Loyalty programmes to their customers, provide Sales Promotion and Discount platform for businesses to give discounts to their customers for patronage and alots more...
To Customers
With the use of our solution, Customers :
  • Are notified of Discount sales within their location
  • Get Discount codes for shopping on their favorite stores
  • Get rewarded by Store owners in form of Value Units
  • Enjoy convenience by accessing their needs with the clicks of buttons
  • Get the option of an alternative means of payment of goods and services
  • You can view history of your expenses easily and manage your budget smartly

  • Business Owners
    Our Business Owners are enjoy some privileges which include:
  • Get their products, services and offers to the public
  • An advertisement platform for businesses
  • Get increase influx of new customers
  • Increased in Sales
  • Help businesses meet set goals
  • Clear out old stocks
  • By signing up to become a member via the web (www.valueswitch.com.ng) or the mobile app (Soon to be released)
    ValueSwitch has 3 major various membership types namely Personal, Business and Merchant
    Personal Account type for individuals, Business Account type for Corporate Organizations and Merchant Account type for Retail Stores and Businesses.
    After you signup with ValueSwitch, an e-wallet is created for the individual, organization or business.
    To Load Value units into your wallet, you either purchase voucher from a merchant store, directly on the platform using your Bank Card or paying directly into ValueSwitch Bank Accounts.
    After you load your ValueSwitch e-wallet with Units, you can now generate Personal Voucher within your account environment. You enter the name of the beneficiary to send the voucher, Phone Number and amount of Unit to send.
    Immediately you click on 'Generate Personal Voucher', a notification is forwarded to the beneficiary.
    To transfer Units to another another member of ValueSwitch, you simply use the Transfer window within your account area. Enter the Member ID(Phone No), Units to transfer and description then click on 'Transfer Units' button to complete the process.
    Once a user has units in his e-wallet, transactions can be carried out. On the menu dropdown, select Make Payment and click either Pay For Service(i.e Paying someone for service rendered) or Pay a Merchant( when within a merchant environment. Using this option, a payment code is received from the merchant attendant to process payment)
    By signing up with ValueSwitch, opening a merchant or business account, you would be granted access to the various menus that would enable retail store or businesses recieve Value Units within their business environment.
    Within the registered merchant or business environment, Select the Promotions menu and Click on 'Create Promotions'. Enter a catchy promotion title and set other parameters which include Discount types, start and end date and other conditions.
    You can redeem Value Unit for cash first by applying within your environment using the Recieve Cash Menu and clicking on 'Get Cash'. This option enables you to get Cash from a Merchant Store. So after you enter the details and click on 'Process Request', Go to any Merchant Store to Request for Cash. You would be verified within the system and Cash issued to you. Commission fees apply.
    Convert Value Unit to Cash simply means Sending the Value unit equivalent into your personal Bank account already registered on ValueSwitch. To Set your account details, within your member platform, Click on Settings Menu and select 'Account Update'. Enter every information required including your personal account information and click 'Update'. To Request now go to Recieve Cash and Select Convert To Cash. The system automatically loads your Personal account information including your available Value units within your e-wallet. Enter the required details and click 'Process Payment'. Request will be processed and the Value will hit the user account within the hour. Commission fees apply.
    Within you member area, select Promotions from the menu and click on 'Get Discount Code'. Select the Promotion title to get detials of the promotion and available ongoing discount. Click on the 'Generate Code' to generate a unique code that would be verified within the merchant environment when you intend to transact with the merchant.