• Welcome to ValueSwitch
    Value Switch is a Unified e-Voucher Generation platform for wide range of merchant engagement and exchange
    both online and in-store.
  • need to send money to someone?
    Generate ValueSwitch Cash Tokens
    Recipients receives valueswitch token and redeems value within our participating merchant stores or send directly to bank account.
  • Need to Receive and Make Payment?
    Disburse Funds From ValueSwitchPay Wallet
    With ValueSwitchPay, Our wallet solution to help businesses receive and disburse Funds to any Bank account with ease and less charges.

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Features of ValueSwitch

Features of ValueSwitch

Pay with Ease

Using ValueSwitch Wallet or CashTokens, payments can be made with ease within our participating merchants and retail outlets.

Generate CashTokens

Generate CashTokens and distribute as PayOuts to customers which can be spent or sent to Bank at will...

Bulk Disburement

With ValueSwitch, Businesses and Customers can send funds to any Bank account from your available wallet balance at will...

Smart Notification

All transactional activities carried out within ValueSwitch have SMS and Email notifications.Get alerts for low wallet balance, top-up, voucher generation, consumption and so much more...


ValuesWitch provides detailed application programming interface for consuming transactions from 3rd party websites...


Increase social reach and productivity with our membership Directory...

Our Partners & Clients

Our Partners & Clients